About Us

About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Here at Bliss Earth Moving & Parts SA (Pty) Ltd we understand the importance of our customers operational requirements. Our mission is to supply our customers with the best of quality service, the best quality parts, components and technical advice.

Our main goal and objective is to be a support base to our customers to eliminate their downtime. We believe that having the correct structures in place will enable our customers to save money and be operationally prepared to eliminate the downtime factors.

what we do

We supply the following parts and components – New, Remanufactured or Reconditioned as per the customer’s choice and operational requirements:

BELL ADT (Articulated Dump Trucks – ADT)

B20,25,30,40,45,50,60 D and E Series complete powertrain and drivetrain parts and components.

Volvo ADT (Articulated Dump Trucks – ADT) complete powertrain and drivetrain parts and components.

CAT ADT (Articulated Dump Trucks – ADT) and Rigid Dump Trucks, Dozers, Graders complete powertrain and drivetrain parts and components.

Komatsu Rigid Dump Trucks and Dozers complete powertrain and drivetrain parts and components.

our offering

Our services

We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the three core pillars of our business. Firstly, we provide a wide selection of parts and components, including new, remanufactured, reconditioned, and used options, ensuring that you have access to the right solutions for your equipment needs.

Secondly, our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are second to none, enabling us to design and produce custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Finally, we specialize in machine rebuilds to bring your equipment back to a pristine “0 hour” condition, extending its lifespan and optimizing its performance.